BERG Ruimtescheppen cleans like a pro! When it comes to replacing or removing a cultivation system, we have the best tools and people to clear the way for your new system or gutter as quickly as possible!

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Remove cultivation system? Call us!

Cultivation system removal

Nowadays it is becoming increasingly common for growing gutters to be removed. Either they need to be replaced or a whole new cultivation system need to be installed. BERG owns modern machines and equipment adapted for this purpose. This ensures that only a small amount of iron remains from your gutters. Of course we can dispose of this for you, for the current market price of steel.

“Are your growing gutters no longer great? BERG rolls them up for you – let’s make a date!”

Cleaning out

BERG can help you find the best solution to remove your cultivation system. Simply call us – we will be delighted to come and help you, to remove your cultivation system! Meanwhile, we can immediately discuss the current iron price and provide an accurate price indication for you.

Are you interested in removing your cultivation system?

Please feel free to contact us so that we can discuss the possibilities