Greenhouse demolition westland

BERG Kassensloop is specialized in green house demolition. If you have a greenhouse that needs demolishing, we will be happy to help you! BERG Kassensloop is specialized in demolishing and dismantling all types of horticultural greenhouses not only in the Netherlands for decades.

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Greenhouse demolition in Westland and far beyond!

Are you planning to demolish or dismantle your greenhouse? BERG Kassensloop can take care of that for you completely! BERG works with a team of trusted and experienced employees who all know each other and have been working together for years. BERG Kassensloop has all the tools and skills that is needed to carry out dismantling/demolition from A to Z completely in-house. Safety and quality are our highest priorities. In every greenhouse demolition project, BERG strives to re-use or recycle 100% of the released materials. Good for the environment, as well as for the competitive price we can offer to you.

“If you need your greenhouse to be demolished quick – you want BERG to do the trick!”

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We look forward to demolish your greenhouse and we fully involve the customer in the demolition plan. We demolish/dismantle your greenhouse, but also close or adjust facades and glass repairs. Call BERG – we will be happy to provide you information and advice without any obligation. If you prefer to receive a quote for our services quickly and remotely, please send photos and dimensions to the address below – we will help you as quick as possible.

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