Boiler / Heat buffer tank demolition

At BERG we have years of experience in emptying house boilers and demolishing heat buffer tanks. We don’t reject any project.

Broad experience

Highly skilled employees

Non-standard machines

Do you need to demolish your boiler or heat buffer tank? Call BERG!

Do you have a boiler or heat buffer tank to be demolished?

Whether you have a heat buffer, heat storage tank (WOT) or Heat Storage Boiler (WOK) to get rid of, we have a lot of experience in removing it. We know better than anyone, that it is often a difficult and non-standard job. We remove boilers and pipework from your house with the greatest precision.

“Removing your boiler or heat buffer tanks ? Berg will arrange it, no need to say thanks!”

Precision in demolition

For us, the most difficult projects are the greatest challenges! That is why we would need to arrange a visit, to see the object that needs to be demolished and make an accurate plan. Call us – we will be happy to discuss all the options in order to achieve the desired result.

Are you interested in having your heat tank demolished?

Please feel free to contact us so that we can discuss the possibilities