About BERG

BERG specializes in the horticultural sector, but we still broad our horizons. We are a real family company, which has been known in the Westland and rest of the Nederland for more than 65 years. For BERG one word is enough, we will never say “no” to any of your request. We believe that we can always come up with suitable solution for you.

Our history

BERG Ruimtescheppen has existed for 65 years.

In 1955, grandfather Jo van den Berg started a contracting business at his farm on the Hoge Noordweg in Naaldwijk. He collected vegetables and waste from gardeners and farmers with his horse and cart. The vegetables could be used as animal food and ditches were filled with the waste. Later, the waste was taken to waste processing companies and the horsepower was exchanged for tractors. Arie, the son, joined the business in 1972, followed in 1980 by his brother, Niko.

In the years that followed, the company specialized in demolishing greenhouse foundations and concrete paths. Later the projects became larger and further away from home. The machines grew and the tractors were replaced by trucks. But to this day, tractors are still in our fleet, among other things, the annual crop rotation. Johan and Joost joined the business in 2016, followed in 2020 by Mark and Stefan. This means that the ‘oldies’ can relax because they can be sure that the BERG company will continue to exist for a long time!

Are you interested in one of our services?

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