Rent a waste container Westland

Do you have waste that you have to dispose? BERG Ruimtescheppen has a wide range of waste containers. Renting a waste container is possible for companies, but also for individual customers.

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Rent a container for green waste

At BERG we specialize in green waste, especially horticultural waste, but you are also at the right place if you need to remove any other type of waste. Are you a grower and have a lot of green waste to dispose of? We can easily help you with it! Additionally, we have been recycling potting soil for years, so we can ensure you that this beautiful product gets a second life. Call BERG Ruimtescheppen and we will help you with everything!

“Do the right thing – call BERG – we help with everything!”

Endless possibilities

BERG is flexible and cooperative. We will help to find the right solution for you. We have hundreds of containers from 3m³ to 40m³ in stock. We have open, watertight containers and compactors – suitable for all kinds of waste, such as construction, garden or crop change waste. We will be happy to advise you how to choose the right one.

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